Diamond In Black

from NEW WORLD SONGS under Lockdown by Djanan Turan



With a bleeding heart I present you Diamond In Black, a lament to all those beautiful children that are born into wars, poverty and every little corner that is neglected, forgotten, if not brutally battered.
This, I sing with a trembling voice, not only for those who lost their lives in the hands of this absurd world order, but also for all the survivors of it who had to grow up fast, dimming their own light, trading their innocence for shields, curiosity for fear, learning not to trust, not to play, not to laugh, just to stay alive…

And with special thanks to my lovely Connie who is the name-mother of this track.


You have chosen life
Just like any other soul
But its not you or I
Who will cruelly make the call
Wish I had the power, to wipe out this order

I would have less if that’ld give you
A chance to grow
I would hold you in my arms
Twinkly little star
Let you grow with love, only love

I am not going to lie or try and convince you
That we know what is fair or there is justice to protect you
Like this is not enough, there’s a darker truth
Some do not cry as they are snatching your youth

Now all that I can say
You’re a diamond in black
We’ll remember with love

Please forget all you’ve seen
There’s still beauty in this world
Why you’ve not been granted rips my heart apart
Your stay was short and your family was helpless
Remember them fondly, it wasn’t their fault

Hope you feel it in your bones
As you trade your path
That we send you with love, only love

What we’ve built all around you
Noone could stand
Wherever you’re going
I do understand
As you’re walking out of this man made hell
I wish I were with you
Holding your little hand

Hold your little palm
Walking along
Walking with love, only love


from NEW WORLD SONGS under Lockdown, track released April 28, 2020
Music & Lyrics : Djanan Turan
Percussion : Tansay Omar
Oud : Baha Yetkin
Sarangi : Shem Jarrold
Bass guitar : Freddie Sanguino

Production: Djanan Turan / Tansay Omar
Mixing & Mastering : Tansay Omar


all rights reserved



Djanan Turan London, UK

Djanan Turan is a London-based Turkish singer, songwriter and producer. As one of the main proponents of North London underground music, she performs with her band her songs with various kind of musical influences from disco to reggae, and psychedelic Anatolian folk.

Apart from her solo work, she has been collaborating in writing and performing with The Egg, Voices of Nature, Stevie R.
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